live stats & analytics,
streaming instantly.

team app

Easily track your team's performance with LIVE
detailed analytics, right at your fingertips.

real-time box scores

Gain a deeper understanding of
your team's performance.

The ability to sort by specific
stats numerically.

Drive live competition
between players.

Insider Tip:
Stream your team's box-scores on
large screens during practice to drive competition.


zone maps & shot charts

Instantly identify a player's
shooting strengths.
Find the best shooter
for specific play.
Design plays that get shots
to the right players.


player comparison

Understand each player's
strengths and weaknesses.
Identify who deserves playing time.
Build out specific plays
based on a player's strengths.


video integration

Integrate ShotTracker with
your current video system.
Check out player highlights
(and lowlights) without the wait.


advanced analytics

Access detailed statistical
and performance data.
Dig deeper into your team's performance instantly.


"The shot charts are incredible
and being able to organize
results by practice drill/station
is something beneficial to us."

will saxon
video coordinator men's basketball
oklahoma university

"ShotTracker has significantly
improved the quality and
efficiency of our practices."

thomas montigel
director of basketball operations
texas christian university
schools utilizing
our technology
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