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Ball Movement Analytics

Don’t let the ball stick! Show your players why ball and player movement are the keys to a more powerful offense. Better passing, making the defense rotate and attacking the paint lead to a more efficient team. Now you have the stats to back up what you already preach to your team.


real-time box scores

Gain a deeper understanding of
your team's performance.

The ability to sort by specific
stats numerically.

Drive live competition
between players.

Insider Tip:
Stream your team's box-scores on
large screens during practice to drive competition.


zone maps & shot charts

Track your player's work in the gym like never before. Do they shoot better off the dribble or in catch & shoot opportunities? Identify every player's sweet spot to ensure the best quality shots in a game.

Insider Tip:
Use the data to design your plays to get your players good looks from their most effective spots on the floor.


Video EDITING integration

ShotTracker automatically tags stats and possessions in real-time. As soon as your practice is over simply drop the ShotTracker XML into your timeline and - boom - your entire practice or game is cut up which will save you hundreds of hours over the course of a season.


player comparison

Understand each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Identify who deserves playing time. Build out specific plays based on a player’s strengths.



Does the game call for pace and space? Can you dominate the boards and win in the paint? See how player groupings perform with each other and know your best lineups in every situation.

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