ShotTracker is a sensor-based system that automatically captures statistical and performance analytics for your entire team in real-time. We’re talking shot charts, optimal lineups, box scores and so much more, all streaming instantly in the palm of your hand.

ShotTracker is made up of 3 components; anchors, a ShotTracker-enabled ball and player sensors. The anchors, installed in the rafters of the facility, map the court in 3D and track the location of all the player sensors and balls. All of that data gets fed through the ShotTracker system and provides instant access to 70+ unique statistics.

Sensors installed in the rafters map the court in 3D, simultaneously tracking the sensor-enabled ball and the sensors that the players are wearing on their shoes. All of that data gets fed through our proprietary algorithms (ShotTracker system), which make 120 calculations per second. ShotTracker captures everything from who has possession of the ball, what hoop they shot on and whether or not the ball went in or missed to who got the rebound or the assist.

Instantly. That’s the power of ShotTracker. Coaches, players, fans, broadcasters and more now have access to advanced analytics, player performance metrics and live data, all in real-time.

The analytics movement is well underway — and it’s only going to continue to become more integrated into the game. These analytics were only available to basketball’s elite until ShotTracker. Bringing live analytics to the masses enhances the overall experience of the game for coaches, players, fans and more.

Yes — a ShotTracker-enabled ball. Good thing we already offer basketballs from all of the major manufacturers - Nike, Wilson, adidas, and Spalding.

Smaller (and lighter) than an empty box of Tic Tacs. 1.60 x 1.15 x 0.57 inches, to be exact.

Yes, ShotTracker offers a seamless experience. The sensor-enabled ball feels exactly the same as the ball you’ve always used. Once the players have their sensors on, you’re up and running. Stats get captured automatically — just open the app and you’ll see them streaming live.

Between 3-7 days, depending on the size of your gym and/or the number of courts. We will work with you to find a convenient installation date. We’ll also make sure to have a ShotTracker Rep on hand at your team’s first practice to ensure that everything is running smoothly and answer any questions that come up along the way.

Having access to real-time analytics makes for more efficient practices, smarter targeting of areas for improvement and a crystal clear line of communication between player and coach. If you're already manually statting practices then ShotTracker will save you time and effort by delivering stats automatically. If you’re not statting practices, what are you waiting for? The analytics movement is in full force, having already made a huge impact on the way basketball is played from the professional ranks down to high school. Used wisely, analytics can provide your team with a competitive edge in all facets of the fame. If you don’t use analytics, the other team will.

ShotTracker is as simple and effective as a give-and-go. Once the system has been installed in your gym, it pretty much works on its own. Just make sure that the players are wearing sensors and playing with a sensor-enabled ball, then open the app to see real-time stats.

Each team gets assigned its own ShotTracker expert from day one, whose job it will be to ensure that your system is always working smoothly and efficiently so that you can focus on what really matters — on-court performance. Our in-house basketball and analytics experts are always on call to help you take full advantage of the tech.