let us introduce ourselves

At ShotTracker, we aim to improve the performance of competitive athletes who participate in team sports at all levels by bringing elite-level analytics to the masses.

we see the game differently

Not only for what it is, but far what it can be. A weak hand retooled into a deadly weapon. A cold streak turned into a hot one. An underperforming lineup transformed into a championship team. Where most see gaps in the game, we see keys to its future. We give you the power to unleash your game.

Our Original Founders

BRUCE IANNI played football at John Carroll
University and founded a search engine for the
chemical industry that was purchased by UL
in 2013.
DAVYEON ROSS played basketball
at Benedictine College and founded Digital
Sports VENTURES, an interactive technology
company, which was sold to Digital Broadcasting
Group in 2011.