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elite-level Analytics to every level of the game.


Developed in partnership with Spalding®, ShotTracker Team captures every player stat for multiple players in real-time. It's affordable for teams at all levels and doesn't require sensor on the wrist or on the net. If you're a coach looking for a solution for your team, then this product is for you.

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Permanent Sensors are installed Above the court
Tag each of
your PlayerS
Players use the Spalding
ShotTracker ball
Real-time stats are SENT
to your smart device

Lookin' to Track Your Own Shots?

The original ShotTracker captures shot attempts, makes and misses for a single player. If you're an individual player lookin' to track your shots during independent workouts, then this product is for you.

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Wrist Sensor captures
shot attempt
net sensor registers
shot make or miss
Smartphone captures
your real-time stats
ShotTracker technology is changing the game.
Repetition, accountability and confidence
make great shooters, and these products deliver all three.
Klay ThompsonNBA World Champion

When it comes to shooting, the only thing more accurate than Dave Hopla is ShotTracker!

Dave HoplaShooting Instructor

It's so exciting to see a new innovation that will forever change the ability to improve the skill level of basketball players at all levels. Innovations in basketball are few and far between, ShotTracker is it!

Rob EdmissonHead Coach Women's Basketball
Missouri Western State University

ShotTracker TEAM simplifies the collection and interpretation of player stats. As a coach, this means I can spend my time analyzing player performance and implementing changes rather than the tedious job of tracking the stats.

Charlie TorresSkills Development Coach, ICEO

The original ShotTracker makes it easy for me to train players all over the country. I can send players their workouts, see their progress and make adjustments along the way. It’s perfect for off season training.

Collin CastellawShooting & Skills Coach, Shot Mechanics