Lookin' to Track Your Own Shots?

Track a single player's shot attempts, makes
and misses with the original ShotTracker.

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Need a Team Solution?

Gather stats for multiple players during
team practices and games.

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you can't improvewhat you don't measure.

How does it work?

Wrist Sensor captures
shot attempt
net sensor registers
shot make or miss
Smartphone captures
your real-time stats
Tag each of
your PlayerS
Set sensors
around the court
Use your ShotTracker
enabled Spalding ball
Collect real-time stats
for each player
ShotTracker is a huge innovation for the sport of
basketball. Repetition, accountability and confidence
make great shooters, and ShotTracker delivers all three.
Klay ThompsonNBA World Champion

When it comes to shooting, the only thing more accurate than Dave Hopla is ShotTracker!

Dave HoplaShooting Instructor

It's so exciting to see a new innovation that will forever change the ability to improve the skill level of basketball players at all levels. Innovations in basketball are few and far between, ShotTracker is it!

Rob EdmissonHead Coach Women's Basketball
Missouri Western State University

Coaches and players need to look no further than ShotTracker in order to improve their game.

Marvin HarveyFOUNDER: OF The Marvin Harvey
Basketball School of Excellence

ShotTracker will transcend the way players practice their shots. Having the ability to track and compete simultaneously with one app.

LJ GoolsbyAssistant coach USA - U16-U17
Men's Basketball