Coach Jamie Dixon of the TCU Horned Frogs knows that getting the most out of his players is key to winning games in the ultra-competitive Big 12 Conference. He’s always looking for ways to up the intensity in practices, get better data on his player’s abilities, and make his team as efficient as possible.

Enter ShotTracker, technology that automatically tracks every rep of every drill on every hoop in practice, allowing Coach Dixon to challenge his players to get better and win every drill. The ShotTracker Player App provides instant reports to his players so they can compare themselves against each other before they even hit the locker room.

The key with ShotTracker is that you have the stats right away, immediately. They’re accurate,
and easily accessible.

Jamie Dixon
Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
Texas Christian University

In addition to challenging players to get better with every automatically-tracked rep, ShotTracker frees up student managers who had previously been statting practice to go get some rebounds and help players improve shooting from key areas on the floor quicker. Whether you are challenging players to get up 1000 shots or to work on their footwork the stay behind the 3-point line as they round a screen, ShotTracker is your team’s solution. Increase competition and performance with ShotTracker’s affordable solution.

With access to live analytics,
the players began competing
with each like never before.
Every kid wants to see their individual stats.
And these kids are tech-savvy, always on
their phones. They want instant gratification.
And the ShotTracker Player app delivers
those three things they really care about. It’s
a constant competition, which is obviously
great for the team.

Thomas Montigel
Director of Basketball Operations
Texas Christian University

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