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Home to 65,000 students-athletes at 250+ schools, the NAIA has heid their Division I Men's Basketball National Championship in Kansas City for 80+ years. This major tournament embraced revolutionary change two years ago when
it teamed up with ShotTracker to bring the power of elite-level analytics to coaches, players, fans and broadcasters.

By giving coaches and players access to live stats - thereby enabling them to analyze their performances and adjust their strategies in real time - ShotTracker has positioned the NAIA at the cutting edge of competitive sports.

The NAIA is proud to continue
moving the needle forward in
the development and usage of
technology in athletics.

Jim Carr
NAIA President & CEO

coaches + players

With real-time access to instant analytics, coaches were able to make data-based strategic adjustments on the fly. During timeouts and halftime, they visually demonstrated the reasoning behind their decisions via the ShotTracker app, instilling their players with the confidence to execute plays as directed. After each game, players received detailed reports on their performance - actionable intel to take into the next round. Ultimately, the value of instant analytics proved immeasurable.

Take it from UPIKE Bears Head Coach Kelly Wells, who's been using ShotTracker at the NAIA for two years running, "Our offense is kind of spread out where do a lot of dribble drives and things of that nature. ShotTracker showed us the sweet spots where we were scoring. Being able to generate a lineup from that information became a critical piece of our strategy".

the ultimate fan experience

Throughout the tournament, fans in any part of
the world could access live stats and shooting
charts that go beyond the kind of boxscore
that you find elsewhere. The live 3D gamecast
created an even more lifelike experience.
And for the first time in the history of college
basketball, fans inside the arena could hold their phone up to the action for an augmented reality experience, via ShotTracker AR.

see shottracker ar in action

shottracker powers the naia men's national basketball championships

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ShotTracker drives competition and enhances every aspect of the game by delivering real-time stats and analytics to basketball coaches, players, fans and broadcasters. Through augmented reality and streaming advanced analytics, ShotTracker offers exciting new ways to engage with the action on the court. Get in touch today to discuss how ShotTracker can take your event to the next level.

Shottracker showed us the sweet spots where we were scoring. Being able to generate a lineup from that information became a critical piece of our strategy.

Kelly Wells

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