70+ countries. 32 teams.
1 champion.

The first-ever Jr. NBA World Championships brought 32 youth teams from 70+ countries to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World® Resort. Eager to establishits inaugural tournament at the cutting-edge of youth basketball, the Jr. NBA partnered with ShotTracker to bring the power of elite-level analytics to coaches, players, broadcasters and fans across the globe. It was a groundbreaking showcase for the unique, enhanced experience that is paving the way for the future of the game.

"ShotTracker is thrilled to partner with the 2018 Jr. NBA World Championship
and support the next generation of basketball with next generation technology and analytics", said Davyeon Ross, co-founder and COO of ShotTracker. "We're passionate about the
future of basketball and proud to work alongside the Jr. NBA to champion this first-of-its kind global youth tournament with the extraordinary power of live analytics."

This is an amazing tool as a
coach ShotTracker gives you
the power to make the best
decisions at the right time.

Earl Rooks
Director of Girls basketball for Nike Pro Skills

players + coaches

This was one of the first tournaments to empower coaches with live analytics during the game. Each coach was given an iPad with the ShotTracker Team app - and every single one of them cited ShotTracker as a key differentiator. Using visual stats to back up their strategic thinking, coaches could often be heard reffering to ShotTracker during time-outs and critical moments. They also had access to the other team's stats, which kicked the competition into high gear. And after the game, players and coaches received detailed statistical breakdowns that helped them step up their performance in the next round.

did you know?

Both the boys and girls World Champions
hailed from ShotTracker's hometown
of Kansas City. Is it a coincidence?

(We think not...)


a whole new fan experience

It didn't matter what part of the world they were in - through ShotTracker's Fan App, fans could feel like they were sitting front row with live court view, instant box scores and real-time shot charts. The parents in attendance loved being able to access their sons' and daughters' in-depth stats so much that they clued in friends and family back home, encouraging them to download the app so that everyone could follow the action at the same time. Just one more reminder thet the value of having access to live stats, regardless of whether you're in Johannesburg, Sao Paulo or Kansas City, is something that cannot be measured.

enhanced broadcast

Fox Sports aired 16 games and every member of the broadcast team had their own iPad with ShotTracker at their fingertips. (They're the ones who requested it!) No more waiting until halftime for statistical breakdowns of each team and individual players — having access to instant analytics added a new, real-time dimension to on-air commentary and game analysis while forging a closer connection to viewers following along. Fox leveraged shot charts and zone maps to further enhance the viewing experience, revealing how advanced stats enrich everyone's enjoyment of the game.


the future
of sports


Having live stats on an ipad on my bench provided me
with objective figures that
I could talk to my team about.
I could explain that this
stat backs up my point.

Allen Skeens
2018 Jr. NBA World Champions
Head Coach of Boys Central Team

If there's one big takeaway from the Jr. NBA Championship, it is this: there's no going back. Instant stats and analytics enhance every aspect of the game, from the action on the court to the people watching from home to the coach's bench and the broadcast booth. This is where the game is headed, from the junior ranks to the pros, no tournament is complete without ShotTracker.

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