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Open Position Summary
Role Overview

The Remote Game Specialist will be a key part of the delivery of ShotTracker data to coaches, fans and broadcast partners throughout the season. The Remote Game Specialist is responsible for complete accuracy while running the ShotTracker Team app at our Mission Control (located in Kansas City) during assigned ShotTracker enabled games in 2019-20. The ShotTracker Team app allows our partners to receive real-time data when the system is used in live game play and this role is critical to ShotTracker’s ability to deliver on promises to our customers.

Goals & Measurements

The Remote Game Specialist will be measured by their ability to effectively run the ShotTracker Team app and provide real-time data and analytics that mirror the official game stats for every game they are managing. Critical lower-level measures will include customer (team and broadcast partners) satisfaction, reliable response time to schedule invites and game “errors” during their assigned games.

  • To run the ShotTracker app for assigned games with 100% accuracy
  • To ensure all game statistics match with the official stats from Genius Sports
  • Report out specific metrics designed by ShotTracker to ensure consistency
  • Work with Game Managers and Game Success Lead (s) to ensure seamless communication with Team personnel involved in games
  • Be on time to every assignment - will require night and weekend work - this will have a zero tolerance policy
  • Be respectful of all staff on site at ShotTracker Mission Control
  • Timely reply to weekly scheduling emails/communications
  • Provide feedback and input to the Game Operations Lead on product improvements
Reports To:

Game Success Lead (s)

  • Must be able to be at ShotTracker Mission Control in Kansas City for all games
  • Must have an understanding of the rules and concepts of basketball
  • Comfortable in a fast paced and demanding environment
  • Ability to learn how to utilize an iPad to edit data within an app
  • Willingness to take and pass online training in advance of earning the role
  • Comfortable with basic technology concepts (iPad, email, scheduling calendar, etc.)
  • Training on college basketball staff/roles and personnel
  • Part time compensation based on completed games
  • Pay will be on a 'per game' basis
  • 1099 Contractor (form w9 will be required)