Q: How does ShotTracker work?

A: ShotTracker® is comprised of a net sensor, wrist sensor and app. All three pieces work together via BLE to track your shot attempts, makes and misses. Everyone shoots differently - from beginning ballers to the pros. ShotTracker® uses this uniqueness to create personal shooting profiles for you. To get started, you’ll go through a quick training session where we learn your specific shot. After that, game on!

Q: Who should use ShotTracker®?

A: ShotTracker® is for everyone - from youngsters just discovering the love of the game, student-athletes trying to earn more playing time, aspiring All-Stars, pick-up gamers who just want to keep their skills sharp, and retired ballers looking to settle the score with former teammates and arch-rivals that they still got game!

Q: Can ShotTracker® be used outdoors?

A: Yes! The net sensor is weather-resistant.

Q: Does the Net Sensor work on all types of nets?

A: Yes. The Net Sensor works on all types of basketball nets except chain nets ... but who uses chain nets.

Q: How heavy is the Wrist Sensor? Will I feel it on my wrist?

A: At less than 0.5 ounces, the Wrist Sensor is light as a feather (maybe lighter), and totally imperceptible to even the youngest ballers. When setting out to design ShotTracker, “Priority #1 “ was that the Wrist Sensor must have zero impact on your shot.

Q: Do I have to wear the shooting sleeve?

A: No, you do not need to wear a shooting sleeve. The ShotTracker® Wrist Sensor, which is a little smaller than a stick of gum and weighs less than half an ounce, can also be worn on the wrist via wristband.

Q: Do I need to wear the Wrist Sensor on the shooting arm?

A: Yes, the Wrist Sensor must be worn on the shooting arm, but it is so light that it is practically imperceptible to the shooter. This is what we’ve heard from the thousands of shooters that have tried ShotTracker (at the NCAA Final Four, in our Shooting Lab, and from all of the demos we’ve given). We are fashion agnostic, so the sensor can be worn either with a wristband or shooting sleeve - your choice.

Q: Does the app work for both iOS and Android?

A: Yes, ShotTracker® works with all Bluetooth Low Energy enabled iOS and Android devices.

Q: Is ShotTracker® intended for repetitive shooting? What about “live” scrimmage scenarios?

A: We initially set out to design and build ShotTracker® to be used for shooting drills. And right now, that is it’s primary use case. However, during testing, we found that our algorithms for detecting a shot were strong enough to rule out most false positives generated by scrimmage play, including pump fakes/shot fakes, shot blocks, and all dribbling, passing, and catching. The Wrist Sensor has also been designed to slide into sanctioned wristbands and shooting sleeves.

Q: What do the lights on my Wrist Sensor mean? What do the lights on my Net Sensor mean?

A: Both the Wrist and Net Sensor LED will glow RED while in the Charging Station. When the Net Sensor is fully charged the LED will turn green. When the Net Sensor is removed from the Charging Station, the LED will flash green a few times indicating that it is on and ready to connect to the ShotTracker App. When the power button is pressed on the Wrist Sensor for three seconds, the LED will flash green a few times to indicate that the Wrist Sensor is “on.” When the power button is pressed again for 3 seconds. the LED will flash red indicating that it is “off.”

Q: My Net Sensor is on but I cannot connect to it? I don’t see it in my list of devices

A: Don't fret. All you need to do is place the Net Sensor back into the charging station. Doing so will reset the Net Sensor. Remove the Net Sensor from it’s cozy home, shake back and forth about three times and the green LED should blink three times for you. Once this happens, go back to your mobile device , select Settings and select your Net Sensor from the list. If this does not do it for you, send us an email (support@shottracker.com).

Q: My wrist sensor is on but I cannot connect to it? I don’t see it in my list of devices

A: Hold the power button down until the green LED blinks three times. Once this happens, go back to your mobile device, select Settings > Sync and select your Wrist Sensor from the list. If this does not do it for you, send us an email (support@shottracker.com).

Q: How do I know when the Net Sensor is on??

A:The Net Sensor will automatically turn on and its LED flash green and begin looking to connect with the ShotTracker App once it is removed from the Charging Station. The ShotTracker App will walk you through steps on how to connect and once connected, will automatically connect every time thereafter. The ShotTracker App will not to allow you to begin a shooting drill or workout if it is not connected to the Net Sensor.

Q: Will this app show my percentage from each spot on the court??

A: ShotTracker will provide shooting statistics from each spot on the court via the structured workouts. You will need ShotTracker® LS to keep track of your shooting statistics from random, unstructured shot locations.

Q: Can my brother/sister shoot with my ShotTracker?

A: Yes, your ShotTracker® can be used by more than one shooter. You will need to train your ShotTracker® and create shooting profile for that shooter. This can be found under Settings >> Train My ShotTracker.

Q: How do I charge my ShotTracker®? How long does it take?

A: Simply dock your Wrist Sensor or Net Sensor in the included charging station to charge your device. A full charge should take approximately 4 hours.

Q: How long does the battery last for the devices?

A: You should be able to get a full day of use (8 continuous hours of play) from the Wrist Sensor. The Net Sensor should last you about three months before it needs to be charged again.

Q: How do I know the battery life of the devices??

A:The ShotTracker app will inform you of the remaining battery life in the Wrist and Net Sensor. The app will notify you when your devices are low on battery.

Q: If I buy one net sensor for our net, can I purchase the Wrist Sensor separately for multiple shooters and just use one net sensor?

A:Yes. Wrist Sensors can be purchased separately.

Q: If I lose my Net Sensor, do I have to order a new unit?

A: Without the Net Sensor, you will manually have to enter your workouts and drills. This is not fun at all, which is why people don't usually do it today. Just order a new one.

Q: Do we have to use either the Shooting Sleeve or Wristband we receive?

A: In order to detect shot attempts, the Wrist Sensor must be worn. Both the ShotTracker Wristband and Shooting Sleeve have been specially designed to hold the Wrist Sensor firmly in position with comfort. When worn with the ShotTracker Shooting Sleeve or Wristband the Wrist Sensor becomes practically invisible and imperceptible by the shooter.

Q: What if my ShotTracker® breaks? Can I get a new one?

A: Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a replacement free of charge. Please see our return and warranty policies. http://shottracker.com/privacy

Q: Does the watch affect my shot?

A: What watch? There is no watch. We have a Wrist Sensor that slides into a ShotTracker Wristband or Shooting Sleeve. The weight of Wrist Sensor is less than 0.5 ounces and you’ll barely be able to feel it on your skin. So, if you think it’s affecting your shot, I recommend using a different excuse.